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Mascarpone and Panettone

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Cut your Panettone in slices, each about 4 cm thick, spread our mascarpone cream on each slice; then put the Panettone back together. The velvety texture of Mascarpone will add an extra touch of taste to your Christmas holydays. Otherwise you can remove the upper part and the inside of the dessert, then fill it with the cream to add a pleasant element of surprise. It works with Pandoro, too!


A sweet cheese made with fresh cream, excellent to prepare soft desserts, as well as salty pies and sauces for pasta. Originally from Lombardia, it is produced and widely used also in Emilia, and appreciated throughout the world. Our Mascarpone is special, for we make it with high-quality mountain milk.


One of the most appreciated classics of the Italian Christmas table. Panettone is a fluffy, sweet bread, rich in taste thanks to raisins and tiny bits of candied fruits, which are usually added to the dough. There are many different versions of it: covered in frosting, with almonds on top or even filled with ice cream, custard or chocolate… Create your own version with our Mascarpone cream!

The sweet heart of the Holydays

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