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Tosone and raw Parma ham

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Leave some soft slices of Tosone on the griddle to soften them a bit, then wrap each one into a slice of Parma raw ham: here is an instant roll, excellent to serve as a second dish or a one-plate meal with bread, potatoes or vegetables; the delicate flavour of Tosone will highlight the intense taste of the ham and make it irresistible!


A by-product of the production of Parmigiano that is cut away from the wheels while they are still soft and non-salted. Its sweetness, elastic texture and convenient stick shape make it excellent to prepare appetizers, snacks or second courses. It is perfect to match strong, sweet or salted flavours.

Prosciutto crudo di Parma

Seasoned naturally, without any additives, it is the result of the right combination of meat, salt, time and a long and wise tradition. It is one of the most renown and appreciated products of Italian cuisine and a frequent visitor to the “court” of our Parmigiano Reggiano, yet it can create excellent feasts of flavours also with more delicate cheeses, which enhance its intense taste.

A new way to meet traditions

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