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Panna cotta and Amaretti

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One is sweet, smooth and has a homogeneous texture; the others are slightly bitter, crispy and crunchy. If you want to taste more than the plain version of our Panna Cotta (which is already delicious) and play with flavours and textures, we suggest a simple combination: just open the jar, shred one or two Amaretti, sprinkle them on the dessert and enjoy!

Panna cotta

Soft, high quality cream, sugar and gelatin. Simple ingredients for a dessert with a unique texture and a delicious taste that you can serve in a thousand combinations between flavours and colours, as we suggest, or by adding fresh fruits, chocolate flakes, sour cherry syrup or home-made spreads.


These sweet treats are popular throughout Italy; they are made with sweet or bitter almonds, sugar and egg whites. There are fluffy and crispy versions of them, and their bittersweet flavour makes them very versatile: some like to dunk them into milk, some into liquor, and they are even used in traditional salty recipes such as the filling of pumpkin-stuffed Tortelli.

Pure pleasure, ready in a second!

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