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Ricotta and Salmon

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A fragrant slice of bread, toasted or heated for a few minutes in the oven; a generous layer of our Ricotta and a thin, soft slice of smoked salmon: here’s a classic, refined appetizer for every season, perfect to enrich a festive menu or a simple dinner with friends.

Vendita online ricotta | Ricotta artigianale


A fresh, light and versatile dairy product that dates back to times when cheesemakers used every last drop of milk, and nothing was wasted. Originally, in our area, it was a by-product of the production of Parmigiano; now, we obtain it from the processing of soft cheeses, in order to make it creamier, softer and tastier.


A precious, tasty fish, a culinary star that appears in many recipes that are appreciated throughout the world. Here in Emilia, it is often included in the menu of Christmas Eve dinner, when it is traditional to avoid meat; on such an occasion, slices of smoked salmon are laid upon hot open sandwiches smeared with butter.

A little soft and fragrant “luxury”

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