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Smoked Scamorza and quince jelly

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Spread a layer of quince jelly on a slice of Scamorza (raw or briefly heated on the griddle, so that it becomes just a bit softer). The delicate aroma of smoked cheese will enhance the sweetness of quince, allowing you to create a sour-sweet speciality, perfect as an afternoon snack or second dish, in just one move.

Smoked Scamorza

A briefly matured stretched curd cheese, typical of central and southern Italy. Its texture is smooth, firm and homogeneous; we make it with the same high-quality mountain milk that we use to make Parmigiano Reggiano; we smoke it over hay to obtain its characteristic delicate, soft and pleasantly aromatic flavour.

Quince jelly

Quinces have a lovely scent, but they can’t be eaten raw; the best way to taste them is to turn them into quince jelly: an intensely sweet preserve, ideal to prepare rich breakfasts or afternoon snacks. Thanks to its thick consistence, it is even possible to shape it into cubes to make delicious candies.

A bittersweet harmony that surprises the palate!

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