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Mozzarella and orange marmalade

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Instead of arranging the typical Caprese with Mozzarella and tomatoes, try alternating between thin slices of Mozzarella and spoonsful of orange marmalade: the freshness of the cheese and the scent of the marmalade will come together perfectly, in a multi-purpose dish that is ready in a few minutes; you can serve it as a tasty aperitif snack, an unusual appetizer or a cold second dish!


One of the “stars” of Italian cuisine: its strength lies in its delicate taste, which can match stronger flavours, both salty or bitter-sweet. At Battistero, we make it with our high-quality mountain milk, to make it tasty, soft and elastic.

Orange marmalade

It is quite different from other jams or jellies: it does not only contain the pulp of the fruits, but also tiny pieces of the peels, which give it a slightly bitter taste. It is perfect for those who do not appreciate “too” sweet flavours.

Bold and delicate: a surprising dish

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