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Caciotta and chestnut honey

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Cut the Caciotta into slices, each about 1-2 cm thick, then pour a teaspoon of chestnut honey on each one of them. The tenderness and freshness of such a versatile cheese will meet the rich, unusual flavour of the honey, made of intensely sweet notes that slowly fade from the palate and leave a light, pleasantly bitter aftertaste.


A tender, briefly matured cheese with a smooth, elastic and firm texture and a sweet, light flavour. It is perfect to enjoy plain, just with a slice of bread, yet its adaptability makes it an extremely useful ingredient to enrich salads, meat dishes or omelettes; it also tasted great breaded and baked.

Chestnut honey

This golden honey reveals its sweet flavour at first taste; then, it changes and takes slightly bitter notes. Thanks to its liquid consistency, which is due to the high fructose content, chestnut honey is perfect on desserts, Crostini or fresh cheeses that enhance its unexpected taste.

An unforgettable appetizer!

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