Crema Catalana and ginger

Crema Catalana and ginger

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Crema Catalana is a rich and complete dessert. Still, if you can’t resist the temptation to add a personal, spicy touch, you can just shred some flakes of candied ginger, or cut them into very thin slices, and sprinkle them on the surface of the dessert: you will add an intense and refreshing hint to it.

Crema catalana

This irresistible dessert with a soft heart covered by a crispy caramel crust, is typically served during springtime, especially on St. Joseph’s Day (March 19th) in its native Catalonia. You can find it all year round in our store, ready to make your meals unforgettable thanks to its legendary sweetness.


A root of tropical origin, typically yellow in colour and slightly spicy in taste. Many people claim that it is full of healthy properties. It certainly matches first and second courses, salads, desserts and drinks perfectly, and that is why it is becoming increasingly popular in our kitchens, where it is consumed raw, dried or candied.

A “bizarre” note for a spicy dessert

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