Milk and Rose syrup

Milk and Rose syrup

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Three teaspoons of rose syrup in a glass of milk: this combination of flavours, which is quite popular in India, is perfect to surprise your guests by offering a refined beverage with an irresistible aroma; you can serve it as a nice refreshing drink in the heat of the first days of summer, or to brighten up a winter afternoon with a touch of creativity and colour that surrounds the highly energetic content of good, fresh milk with aromatic notes.


Our high-quality mountain milk comes from local farms, where cows are fed local forage. We use it to make our Parmigiano, so that it obtains its unique flavour, but you can also purchase it directly from us, for your breakfast or your new recipes.

Rose syrup

A sweet, aromatic concentrate of spring that you can also use to decorate cakes, ice cream or soft desserts. You can find it in grocery stores or make it at home: leave 300 g of rose petals to rest into water for 24 hours, then boil them for 15 minutes with 1 kg of sugar and the zest of one lemon.

The romantic side of milk.

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