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Bread, butter and wild berries

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A “variation on the theme” inspired by the timeless snacks made with bread and butter, appreciated by yesterday’s and today’s children. Heat up a slice of bread on the griddle, in the oven or the toaster, spread a thin layer of fresh butter on it then cover it in juicy wild berries: blueberries, raspberries, currants…

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Our butter is thick, rich and nourishing. It is perfect as an ingredient for cakes and other sweet or salty bakery products, since it makes the dough flexible and soft, or to make creamier sauces and dressings for pasta.

Wild berries

Rich in fibres and vitamins, allies of our health: these fruits are “multi-tasking” ingredients to add to fruit salads, desserts, sweet snacks and salads. The wide range of their flavours, from the slightly sour taste of red currants to the intense sweetness of raspberries, makes them a perfect match for our delicate mountain butter.

Woods and mountains in a bite!

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