Cherries preserved in liqueur

Firm, crunchy, fresh and delicious

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In ancient times, it was hard to keep all the flavour and nutritional values of summer fruit intact during winter, but our ancestors had several brilliant solutions for the problem: jams, syrups and liqueurs!
Cherries in liqueur are made with white and red Vignola cherries: a variety with a particularly sweet and firm pulp. Freshly picked cherries are preserved in a mixture of alcohol and a drop of Grappa, which adds a sweeter, more delicate note to the flavour.
Cherries in liqueur can be a delicious dessert to enjoy at the end of a meal, a perfect way to decorate other desserts by adding a fresh, alcoholic touch to their taste, or just a little sweet treat.
They are lovingly prepared in the craft shop “Il Bicchierino”, in Soragna (PR).


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