Sun in a bottle

  • Available sizes: 20 cl, 70 cl
  • Package: glass bottle
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  • Available for: personalised packages
  • Available for sale: in store
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The famous poet Eugenio Montale once described lemons as “The golden trumpets of the sun”. Such fruits are the main ingredient of this liqueur. Limoncino, also known as Limoncello, was first created in Italy in the early XX century; today, it still is one of the most popular liqueurs in the country. It is the digestive liqueur par excellence; every glass spreads the aromas and colours of the Mediterranean coasts. It is also rich in essential oils, which sometimes create a thin coating on the surface: it is not a defect, but a sign of authenticity.
Some make it at home, some produce it industrially; some workshops make it with special care and professional skills, just as our suppliers from the craft shop “Il Bicchierino” in Soragna (PR).


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