Alfalfa honey

A jar full of the scent of our meadows

  • Package: glass jar
  • Available sizes: 500 g or 1 kg
  • Produced by: Apicoltura La Strega Rossa or Apicoltura Val Dordia
  • Available for: personalised packages
  • Price: upon request
  • Available for sale: in store
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Alfalfa is an essential part of our cows’ feed; yet, after it is harvested for fodder at the end of the summer, it is left on the meadows to grow and bloom. The flowers attract bees, which collect the nectar to make a light coloured, delicately scented honey that tends to crystallize rapidly; its flavour is quite mild, characterized by a slightly sour note.
The honey that we distribute is produced by small local beekeepers we personally know, who believe in the value of a short production chain and the enhancement of quality agriculture.


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