Tilia honey

Delicate and relaxing

  • Package: glass jar
  • Available sizes: 500 g or 1 kg
  • Produced by: Apicoltura La Strega Rossa or Apicoltura Val Dordia
  • Available for: personalised packages
  • Price: upon request
  • Available for sale: in store
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Tilia is a widespread tree species that grows in cities as well as in the countryside; its flowers are widely employed in herbal medicine, due to their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, which are also present in the honey. The distinctive characteristics of Tilia honey consist in a light amber colour, a mild and pleasant flavour and a particularly fluid texture that remains unaltered for quite long periods of time.
The Tilia honey that we distribute is produced by small local beekeepers we personally know, who believe in the value of a short production chain and the enhancement of quality agriculture.


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