Parmigiano Reggiano Elisir with hazelnuts


Spreadable cream made with Parmigiano and EVO oil, that has the taste of our mountains

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  • Package: glass jar
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As well as Parmigiano, hazelnuts were always a precious, flavourful resource for those who had to spend long winters in the Apennine mountains. Together with EVO oil, which enhances their bittersweet taste, they make the cream smell like understorey and mountain woods.
Several types of Parmigiano, each at a different level of maturation, are grated and mixed to combine sweetness and saltiness, then mixed again with oil and chopped toasted hazelnuts to create a smooth, homogeneous cream in which it is still possible to feel the fine-grained, pleasant textures of cheese and nuts.
It is perfect to add some creaminess to a classic recipe like Risotto alla Parmigiana, add some flavour to salads or make special canapés.

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