The sweet-sour taste of the Apennines

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There is a different version of this liqueur for each family recipe that is passed from generation to generation in the families who have always made it at home in Parma and Piacenza.
Bargnolino, also known as Prunella, owes its name to Prugnolo (Prunus Spinosa): a shrub that grows naturally in our countryside; they call it Bargnò in Piacenza and Bergnoeul in Parma.
Prunus produces tiny, dark berries with a dry, sour flavour. Once picked, they are usually left to macerate in a mixture of alcohol and sugar to obtain a liqueur that perfectly combines sweet and sour taste.
The type of Bargnolino that we distribute is produced in the craft shop “Il Bicchierino”, in Soragna (PR); the residues of pulp in the bottle are proof of authenticity and natural origin.


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