Scamorza cuor di ricotta


Variations on the theme of softness

  • Available size: 400 g
  • Package: plastic tray + thermal packaging
  • Available for sale: online – in store – in markets


Scamorza “Cuor di Ricotta” (i.e. with a heart of Ricotta) is quite a rare delicacy, a successful experiment, a sort of soft-hearted Frankenstein that combines two of the most popular fresh cheeses of Italian cuisine. A thick, firm layer of Mozzarella contains a creamy filling made of Ricotta. It is lighter and more delicate than the more common Burrata, yet equally surprising!

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg

Scamorza part:
– Pasteurized milk, rennet, enzymes, salt
Ricotta part:
– Pasteurized whey, pasteurized milk, lactic acid

Nutrition facts

– Scamorza part:
Energy: 299 Kcal/100g, 1243 KJ/100g
Fats: 22,5 g/100g, of which saturated 15,2 g/100g
Carbohydrates: 1,73 g/100g
Proteins: 22,4 g/100g (N+6.25)
Salt: 1,41 g/100g
Sugars /100g: glucose 0,0285, galactose 0,564, fructose <0,010, lactose 0,208, sucrose <0,010, maltose <0,010
– Ricotta part:
Energy: 170 Kcal/100g, 705 KJ/100g
Fats: 13,0 g/100g, of which saturated 9,0 g/100g
Carbohydrates: 4,00 g/100g
Proteins: 9,19 g/100g (N+6.25)
Salt: 0,09 g/100g
Sugars/100g: glucose <0,010, galactose 0,0228, fructose <0,010, lactose 3,68, sucrose <0,010, maltose <0,010


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