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Yoghurt and fruit salad

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Unleash your imagination! Pick your favourite seasonal fruits, cut them into small pieces, pour them in a bowl and top them with three or four tablespoons of our fresh white yoghurt: here is an extra-fresh, rich fruit salad; an excellent solution for when you need to prepare a dessert within a few minutes.


From the high-quality milk that we use, we can only obtain a soft, white, natural yoghurt, perfect to make good, healthy, nourishing breakfasts and afternoon snacks. We have several different tastes (peach, apricot, pistachio, strawberry…) but the main ingredient is always our sweet, creamy white yoghurt: a plain “canvas” on which you can unleash all your creativity!

Fruit salad

Its Italian name, “Macedonia”, might come from the homonymous area of the Balkans, where several peoples used to live together back in ancient times; peoples as different as the possible versions of such a natural, light dessert: mixed, with red fruits only, exotic, seasonal… Any recipe will bring a fantasy of colours on your table. A joy for the eyes and the palate.

A feast of colours and taste!

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