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Stracchino and Figs

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Toast some slices of bread and spread a layer of our Stracchino on each one of them; complete the work by adding two or three slices of ripe, yet firm figs: the mildly sour taste of the cream cheese will immediately create an appealing contrast with the sweetness of these delicious summer fruits.


A soft and smooth cream cheese that is typical of the culinary tradition of the region of Lombardia, but popular throughout the whole country; it is regarded as a regular ingredient of everyday cuisine, suitable to make Crostini, sandwiches and snacks or to add a touch of freshness to soups and salads.


The sweetest pleasure of summer: these typical Mediterranean sugary fruits are a delight to the palate and a precious ally in the kitchen, since they are good in every way: raw, roasted, freshly picked, dehydrated, in desserts, cakes and even with cold cuts.

An appetizer that tastes like summer!

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