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Elisir di Parmigiano and Piadina Romagnola

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Elisir is soft and intense; Piadina is dry and has a delicate taste; together, they will create the right combination for a complete, creamy, balanced, natural and tasty snack that smells like tradition and creativity.

Elisir di Parmigiano

Our Elisir is a salty spread made of a mixture of grated Parmigiano obtained from wheels at different ripening stages, mixed with extra virgin olive oil. High-quality ingredients, prepared with care and combined with perfect balance: here are the secrets behind its intense flavour and soft texture, which makes it perfect to spread.

Piadina Romagnola

A very old food; it might be the “grandson” of the unleavened flatbreads made with ground wheat that ancient Romans used to eat. Soft and fragrant, it is the most famous speciality of Romagna, where it is usually served warm, with fresh cheese or a wide variety of salty or sweet fillings.

Emilia and Romagna in one bite!

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