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Burrata and dried tomatoes

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Cut the Burrata into thick slices, then drain some slices of dried oil-packed tomatoes and arrange everything on a plate, alternating between Burrata and tomatoes. Here is an extremely easy cold course that combines the softness of this sweet cheese to the slightly spicy taste of dried tomatoes.


It is closely related to Mozzarella, but it has a sweeter taste and a softer texture; it is excellent to match and enhance the liveliest flavours or add some texture to mixed salad and second courses containing raw or cooked vegetables, as it creates an excellent balance between taste and lightness.

Dried tomatoes

Slowly sun-dried or baked, then preserved into olive oil with chilli pepper and other spices, tomatoes lose their typical watery consistency, and their delicate taste becomes stronger and more intense. A delicious preserve to bring on the table when you want to add an unexpected, lightly spicy hint of flavour.

A quick treat that tastes like milk and sun

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