Yoghurt mint sauce

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An original dressing sauce, ready in a few minutes. It has no more than four ingredients, and it matches so many dishes: appetizers, flatbread, sandwiches, grilled meat, fried or baked…

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Roasted potatoes with butter and cheeses

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The perfect dish for when you want to treat yourself and your guests with a tasty, rich second course, in which the soft texture of butter meets the strong flavour…

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Ricotta and raspberry mousse

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A fresh, refined, nice looking dessert that will allow you to take the scent of summer on your table without too much effort and without too many ingredients. Surprise yourself…

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Grilled Tosone

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An appetizer ready in a few minutes; serve it hot to appreciate the soft texture of Tosone and the fragrance of warm bread. The perfect recipe to turn a plain…

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Apple cake with Stracchino

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Stracchino is famous for its capability to adapt to a wide variety of salty recipes: sandwiches, pies, pasta dressings. Thanks to its delicate flavour, this soft cheese can also turn…

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Apricot dessert sauce for Panna Cotta

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Our white Panna Cotta is already excellent as it is, yet it can also become an excellent starting point to unleash your creativity in the kitchen! Here’s an idea for…

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