Tosone and raw Parma ham

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Leave some soft slices of Tosone on the griddle to soften them a bit, then wrap each one into a slice of Parma raw ham: here is an instant roll,…

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Stracchino and Figs

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Toast some slices of bread and spread a layer of our Stracchino on each one of them; complete the work by adding two or three slices of ripe, yet firm…

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Panna cotta and Amaretti

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One is sweet, smooth and has a homogeneous texture; the others are slightly bitter, crispy and crunchy. If you want to taste more than the plain version of our Panna…

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Crema Catalana and ginger

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Crema Catalana is a rich and complete dessert. Still, if you can’t resist the temptation to add a personal, spicy touch, you can just shred some flakes of candied ginger,…

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Burrata and dried tomatoes

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Cut the Burrata into thick slices, then drain some slices of dried oil-packed tomatoes and arrange everything on a plate, alternating between Burrata and tomatoes. Here is an extremely easy…

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Caciotta and chestnut honey

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Cut the Caciotta into slices, each about 1-2 cm thick, then pour a teaspoon of chestnut honey on each one of them. The tenderness and freshness of such a versatile…

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