The milk voyage

RugiadaScagliaBefore reaching your table, Parmigiano Reggiano and the other fresh and seasoned cheeses by the Battistero dairy made a long voyage: almost like in the famous Sergio Endrigo’s song, whose refrain is that everything begins from a flower, here all starts from… a grass blade!

From pasture to cowshed

To make milk... you need fodder

Parmigiano Reggiano is made only from milk, rennet and salt, and yet every single cheese is different from the other. Why does it happen?
The answer is simple: because milk is not all the same!
It is said: “As easy as drinking a glass of milk”. Well, drinking milk it’s easy, but make it... it’s quite a different matter.
Before the dairymen begin their craft, cheese quality depends on what happens at the very beginning of the production process: from which cattle the milk comes from, and how the cows are nurtured, raised and… pampered.

From cowshed to milking

To make milk you need cows

Some children in the city believe that milk comes right from the bottle. Guess what, you need cows instead!

To get high quality milk - and high quality cheeses as consequence - feeding them with good hay and milking them is not enough. They need constant and demanding care.

From milking to dairy

To make cheese... you need milk

The field have been taken care of, and cows have been milked. It’s time for the last part of our journey towards cheese.
All begins on a truck, just before dawn…

From the dairy to the table

To make PDO Parmigiano Reggiano… you need time

Now the “milk voyage” is over. Parmigiano Reggiano-to be wheels, still white, sweet and soft, wrapped in a cloth like a newborn baby, start immediately another one, as much as important. It won’t be a space voyage from valley to valley, as there are a few metres involved from the dairy to the adjacent storeroom.
It will be a time voyage. At present, maturation begins!

A finger in the spun paste

How mozzarella, scamorza, caciotta and caciocavallo come to life

Why does the Baptistry Dairy make other cheeses, as well as Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano? Because when you trust your milk quality and you love your job, you feel like facing something new. So Lorenzo Ferrari tried to put a finger…into spun paste! Our dairy’s mozzarella, scamorza, caciocavallo and caciotta are all spun paste cheeses.
The ingredients are the same and the making is alike, but the results are really different. This technique developed in Southern Italy, and is mainly based on a tricky balance of heat, dampness and skill.

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