From milking to dairy

To make cheese... you need milk

The field have been taken care of, and cows have been milked. It’s time for the last part of our journey towards cheese.
All begins on a truck, just before dawn…


At 5 in the morning, before attending to milk… you need a coffee!
When a lot of relaxed citizens are still sleeping, in the associated cowsheds milk is freshly drawn and ready to be picked up. Laky will do it: first he will call at Pietro, who hands him over the full milk cans and gives him a nice cup of coffee too, because, at 5 in the morning, it’s just what the doctor ordered…

From a mountain to another, every associated is uniqueInfasce
It’s time to leave again, up and down Val Ceno hills. Laky will arrive at Antonio and Clotilde’s house. They always keep him waiting a little bit, as they try hard to conciliate their duties as good breeders with the well-deserved desire to nap 10 minutes more...
Then he will rush to the persons living opposite them, the new associated Marino and Gabriella. After that, he will go down to another Antonio, the cooperative dancer; then there’s Eliso: from his farm he looks over all the valley and he can see the city lights at his foot at night.
He will go up again and will meet the third Antonio, whose signature is important: he is in fact the cooperative’s cashier! And let’s not forget the President Tullio.

Four villages, two valleys and one chees
Laky’s voyage goes on through four villages and two valleys: Val Ceno and Val Pessola. One hour and a half later, it’s Giovanni’s turn; his cowshed is a few steps from the dairy. The tour is over, but work has just begun!
At the dairy, Roberto is waiting for him. He mixes freshly collected milk with the milk of the previous evening, already put in large, copper cauldrons, as tradition dictates.

From the bottom of the copper cauldrons excellence emerges againFascettaRid
Milk is added with fluid whey, that is a natural culture of ferments good at stimulating the coagulation, and with calf’s rennet.
As soon as milk starts to coagulate, the skilful cheese makers break up the curd in small grains with spino (an enormous balloon whisk).
Next, the grains are cooked and left to rest for one hour.
While we are waiting, something extraordinary happens: the curd sinks to the bottom of the cauldron. There the cheese makers knit it expertly, divide it in half and wrapped it in a cloth. Now it’s ready to become two wheels of Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano.

> It’s not over yet! After the voyage, the maturation begins: discover it with us.


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