How to taste them

Besides its Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano, the Battistero Dairy offers a big range of fresh and seasoned cheeses. Stefano Numanti, chef at “Castello” restaurant in Varano de’ Melegari, suggests to try them as follows:


Parmigiano Reggiano seasoned 30 months (and even longer!)
With its decise and yet not bitter flavour, so rich in ancient and well-balanced aromas and tastes, it’s the perfect match of traditional and savoury first courses, such as pasta and bean soup or anolini in broth. We recommend to pair it with a four- year old red wine: a Piedmontese Nebbiolo (Rinaldi) or a Tuscan Cabernet- Sauvignon (Le Sughere).

Parmigiano Reggiano seasoned 24-30 months
The middle maturation (ageing) is what makes it harmonious and sweet, with a fresh and herbal scent. It’s perfect when Parmigiano needs to be the main ingredient in a dish, for exemple in Parmesan-style Pasta, which is seasoned with butter and cheese. Or in pear, bacon and Parmigiano risotto. And again in tagliatelle with pore, mushrooms and Parmigiano slivers. To taste matched with a two-year old red wine: a Friulan Schioppettino or a Sangiovese.

Parmigiano Reggiano in oil
It’s a peculiar but successful match, because tastes compensate each other. To enjoy on white toasted bread with dried fruits. As for the wine, we recommend a rosè sparkling wine, a pinot noir or a Friulan Remandolo.

It’s soft and palatable, with the right amount of salt and the taste of fresh milk. You can enjoy it fully in the very simple Caprese, matched with a Fiano white wine or a Greco di Tufo.

Sweet scamorza (caciocavallo)
With just the right taste and a palatable texture, enjoy it sliced and grilled, matched with a Rosato del Salento or a Garda Chiaretto.

Smoked scamorza
It is smoked with straw and this gives it an intense flavour. It goes well with wholemeal bread, oven roasted potatoes or cut in slivers on dumplings. To drink a white Soave from Verona.

It’s simple and yet surprising. Try it cut in strings, breaded with dried, grounded sliced bread and eggs, then fried in boiling oil. It’s delicious.
It goes well with a Pas Dose Franciacorta sparkling wine.


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